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Established in 2001 with headquarters in Chicago, as an international commodities trading organization, AUBE LTD spearheaded the formation of an alliance of companies under the name Edgewater Group in 2007, a group of companies in an alliance having the common objective of cost reduction through vertical integration and economies of scale. This changed the mission of AUBE LTD from a commodities trading group to the present focusing on the supply of petroleum derivative products to Edgewater Group member companies.

The Edgewater Group members are users of petroleum products, as well as distributors of petroleum products to major companies and government agencies. Today, the AUBE LTD mission includes efforts to assure the reliability of operations of Edgewater Group member companies, to optimize the bottom line, and to vertically integrate the various input functions of member companies.

In 2008, AUBE LTD entered into a mutual cooperation agreement with Naki World Company - Hong Kong, in association with Edgewater Group companies. During 2009, Naki- HK incorporated Naki World Company LTD in the British Virgin Islands, with whom we have also entered into an agreement of business development. According to this agreement AUBE LTD negotiates, contracts and procures petroleum products under the AUBE/NAKI name, while Naki provides the banking platform as well as sales service. AUBE also handles selectively sales of products for Naki.

AUBE LTD partners with each member company of Edgewater Group to form strategic planning, in anticipation of the growth of business activities. Plans and projections are made based on requirements of each and integrated into the overall organization to achieve economies of scale. AUBE LTD acts under a contract with each member company and conducts all negotiations with refineries and suppliers with the authority of Powers of Attorney from each member company under contracts signed or co-signed by the buying company. The supply logistics is controlled by the buyer and it is the buyer that interfaces with the seller. In cases of smaller quantities or special purchases, AUBE LTD signs contracts directly with the manufacturer in its own name, and manages the product acceptance and logistics.

The management of AUBE LTD relies on services of professional business persons located in various parts of the world. Day to day activities are centrally coordinated from private offices through state of the art communications. Company is a recognized good citizen supporting excellence in education and scholarships in higher education. AUBE LTD activities include investments in basic research in energy.

AUBE LTD coordinated purchases are performed in tandem with the buying company of the Edgewater Group. Each transaction is performed on a bank to bank basis, and is usually launched with a Letter of Authorization for a thorough verification of funds, and the buying company’s financial standing. Company offers and requests total confidentiality.

Company principals:
Wyslotsky, Igor I. – President and CEO
Trytjak, Yuriy – Director
Khanas. Oksana – CIO
Salazar Dennis

Legal representation;
In USA and P.R. of China: Freeborn and Peters LLP
In Russian Federation and Ukraine: Chadbourne and Park LLP

AUBE LTD Banking:
JP Morgan Chase

Standard Chartered Bank

NOTE: Certificate of good standing by Secretary of State of Illinois can be made available upon request

One source of responsibility from production to end buyer.


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